Zymol Wheel Care Bundle

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Everything you need to maintain your expensive wheels!
Zymol Brite Wheel Cleaner 22oz.
Zymol Wheel Coat 8 oz.

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Product Description

Zymol Wheel Care Equipment 2 accommodates 3 merchandise, Zymol Wheel Brush, Zymol Wheel Cleanser and Zymol Wheel Coat to wash then give protection to your helpful alloy wheels.

Zymol’s New Wheel Brush is machined out of forged Delrin┬« and with no metal ferrule.
Assists in keeping your dear wheels blank with out scratching.
Brush head at 45 level attitude to your convenience. Do not be fooled by way of the inexpensive glance-a-likes. That is authentic Made in USA Zymol high quality!

Brake mud will completely injury the end in your wheels. The adhesive used to mold brake pads will etch and pit the wheels should you permit it to stay in touch along with your heated wheel surfaces. Zymol Wheel Cleanser is a non-corrosive, phosphorous-loose wheel wash that may be one hundred% secure for all chrome, painted, covered alloy, aluminium or metal wheels.

Zymol Wheel Coat correctly reduces the bond of brake mud and mud in your wheels, making the following cleanup such a lot more straightforward for you!
The whole lot you want to deal with your dear wheels!
Zymol Brite Wheel Cleanser 22oz.
Zymol Wheel Coat 8 oz..
New Zymol Wheel Brush